Humble Halloween Costume Inspiration


October is halfway over which means that Halloween is approaching fast! With the many parties there will be here in Los Angeles and across the country, Halloween has the potential to be a great day or a horrible one, depending on your costume. That is why we would like to give you some advice on costume trends so that you are the life of the party! From Halloween classics to new ideas, we've got your costume covered this year!


The Classics


When thinking of Halloween, these stereotypical costumes always come to mind. Witches, frankenstein, vampires, etc. All of these are perfect choices either for yourself or your child. These are the canons that helped build Halloween to what it is today, and there is no shame in paying homage. As seen here, I too wore this classic pumpkin costume as a child, and twenty years later it still has not gone out of style. 


The Couple Costumes

 Photo Credit To: Meg Yanson

Photo Credit To: Meg Yanson

Chances are that if you are in a relationship, either you or your significant other has already planned out your costume. Plans, that were made months in advance, which is great! For the couples without costumes, here are some ideas. Starting off, going as the celebrity power-couple will always be a hit. For example Beyonce & Jay-Z or Barbie & Ken. If you want something that's abstract, think Bacon and Eggs, a sailor and a mermaid, or a dalmatian and a firefighter!

Nostalgia Costumes

In what I predict will be a Halloween heavy with 90's themed costumes, here are some ideas that will bring you back to your childhood. For women, Ms. Frizzle, Clueless and Kelly from 'Saved By the Bell' are great choices. And for guys, The Fresh Prince, Forrest Gump, and Austin Powers are sure to be a hit!


'Stranger Things', am I right? You can dress up as anyone of those characters and have an awesome costume. Or take some inspiration from the shows, 'Bojack Horseman', 'Portlandia' and the always funny, 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. Also, you can't go wrong with pulling ideas from the current show you are binge watching. 

I hope we gave you some great options to choose from, or at least jump-started your brain to start thinking about the endless possibilities you can go with! Now with Halloween less than two weeks away, you will actually have a costume ready, instead of making one an hour before going out! One more thing, for all the parents giving out candy, there's no shame in giving out Humbly Hemp bars, so stock up!