Staying Healthy Naturally During Cold and Flu Season


Seasons are beginning to change and even here in Los Angeles, the weather is going to get a bit cooler. While this is a good thing, there is also flip side. The common cold virus will be coming back too. Whether it is at school or at your job, there is bound to be the person that comes in sniffling and coughing the entire day. Funny enough as it is to joke about, here are some tips on how you can avoid getting a cold, and if you end up getting a virus, how to get better as soon as possible.

Start off by always washing your hands. This is a great way to avoid getting the cold, or having it transferred to you. Just think of all the nasty things you come in contact with everyday. Yuck! Carrying some hand sanitizer with you is never a bad idea. If you are at a festival and you cannot wash you hands, slap some of that on before you eat, your body will thank you.


However, even if you are a clean person, stay away from sick people and never forget to wash your hands, you can still get the common cold. Which is not a problem. What is a problem is how long the sickness can last.

When coming down with the common cold, a lot of things can be going through your head. For example, stressing out about having to miss work or not being able to go the event you planned on attending. Before these thoughts get out of hand, calm down. You are sick and should focus on getting better. That means taking off from work or school. Do everyone around you a favor and lay low so that when you are able to come back, you are back at 100%. If however, you continue to try to attend work or school, you are only hurting yourself by not giving your body the chance to get better.

 Like this cute dog, you too need to sleep.

Like this cute dog, you too need to sleep.

Which brings up two important factors when it comes to getting over the common cold. Sleep and hydration. Your body is run down and needs a lot of energy to fight off the virus. Frequent naps as well as getting 8-10 hours is the key to beating a common cold. There are no shortcuts around this step.

Along with getting plenty of sleep, be sure to drink more water than you usually would. During a cold, your body is using the current water to create mucus to flush the virus, so it is easier to get dehydrated. You can combat this by continually drinking water or tea throughout the day.

More sleep and plenty of water are the two most important things when trying to get better. Although there are things you can do to assist in your recovery.For example, to ease throat pain, put honey in your hot tea. While the tea warms you up, the honey coats the throat. Turning on a water vaporizer so that you can inhale air that is not bone dry. Also, a neti-pot can be a godsend when your nose is stuffed up.

Finally, make sure to get a flu-shot as soon as possible. It takes two weeks after you get the shot for it to guard against the real thing.. For those of us, and I’m guilty of this, that get flu shots in November and December, it’s too late for that. By that time flu season is in full effect and it is too late.

Hopefully if you follow all of these tips you will be able to get over the common cold no time. Or you will not even get sick! Also, we should stress that if you are sick, you might want to see your doctor. It never hurts to get a professional’s point of view on the issue. Anyway, be sure to enjoy the cooler weather here in Los Angeles and all across the country. Here’s to a happy, healthy and humble fall season!