Humbly Hemp And Superego Apparel Successfully Launch The Hemp Pop-Up

Put together by Humbly Hemp and Superego Apparel, The Hemp Pop-Up opened for its one day event this past Saturday in West Los Angeles. Serving as a launch for Humbly Hemp's new line of snack bars, a showcase for hemp education, and a celebration of Hemp History Week, the pop-up entertained crowds all day long. 

From the moment people entered the shop, their attention was grabbed by their surroundings. This included a 'Hemp inspired' live art exhibit by CloeArt, as she painted on the wall. This continued as racks and shelves were full of hemp t-shirts from Superego and boxes full of Humbly Hemp's snack bars. With music playing in the background, the pop-up event had a calming vibe, making it perfect to approach anyone and begin a conversation. 

As expected, many of the questions people asked were focused on the difference between cannabis and hemp. "Even though cannabis and hemp are related to one another, it is important to know that hemp has no psychoactive properties and is safe for everyone to eat." Founder of Humbly Hemp, Daniel Crawford said. 

At the back of the pop-up store, people entered 'The World's Smallest Hemp Museum' a room that took the viewer on a journey of what hemp is. Starting with the hemp seed and continuing on to all of the products it can create. This step by step process showed how hemp is broken down into fabric, turned into rope as well as what it looks like in products such as hemp oil and hemp soap. 

Re-entering the main room, people arrived at a table of food featuring free samples of all three flavors of Humbly Hemp's new snack line. Then if you were still hungry, there were gluten free donuts with hemp seeds sprinkled on top. Finally, you had a choice of water and lemonade to help wash down the delicious food. Safe to say this was the popular spot during the Hemp Pop-Up

After eating the free samples of food, guests of The Hemp Pop-Up had seen it all, but many of them stayed to take pictures, ask more questions, or go through it all again. It was no surprise that after seeing our shop and the people behind the Humbly Hemp brand, many people decided to purchase boxes of snack bars and merchandise on the spot. 

In the end hosting The Hemp Pop-Up was an amazing experience. Being able to talk directly to our fan-base to answer their questions, helped us get a better sense of what they want going forward. On another note, during this process we had the opportunity to meet many hemp inspired companies and get to know their history and how they plan on moving forward. One of those companies was Superego Apparel, without them we would not have been able to put on this event. This was our first Hemp History Week Event, and we were very happy with the amount of people we were able to educate on the powers of Hemp. 

Thank you again to all the people that came out to The Hemp Pop-Up as well as the many companies that gave us their products to feature. It meant so much that we could share this experience with you all, and we hope to see you next year when we do it again!