Humbly Hemp Now Available On Amazon

It’s official, you can now buy Humbly Hemp snack bars on! Things are moving fast around here since we launched our line of snack bars a month ago. All of us here at Humbly Hemp HQ can’t wait to fulfill the orders that come our way by being apart of the Amazon online movement.

Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces, is the place to be right now. From their innovations with two-day shipping, to their recent purchase of Whole Foods, it seems that anything that this company touches turns to gold. For these reasons and many more, we are ecstatic to be on their electronic shelves so we can reach a brand new audience of customers.

Currently, Amazon is holding their 'PrimeDay' which cuts prices on millions of products on their website. Take advantage of these deals and before checking out, add Humbly Hemp bars to your cart for good measure. If you are a weekend warrior buying some new hiking shoes, go ahead and get the Cocoa+Sea Salt snack bars to fuel you up and down the mountain. If you have kids in summer camp, a box of Cinnamon Date bars will go perfectly with sunscreen to keep them healthy and full. Or if you are simply looking for a snack bar that can offer a boost of energy before going out on the town, Berry Vanilla is your bar.

Along with Amazon and our online shop at, stores in Venice have already began selling our bars including Rainbow Acres and Grand View Market. With these options and plenty more to come, there’s enough Humbly Hemp to go around.