Pilates & Hemp: A Match Made In Healthy Heaven

With Pilates quickly becoming America’s favorite workout, you would think this so-called trend was just another popular fitness fad that was having it’s fifteen seconds of fame. But if you think this popular fitness trend is here today, and gone tomorrow, think again.

Pilates was actually developed by a one Joseph Pilates way back during World War 1 as a way to rehabilitate injured soldiers, so it’s been around a lot longer than most modern fitness modalities. Furthermore, when Joseph conceived of it, it wasn’t called Pilates – it was called Contrology.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Pilates. For example, you might often hear “It’s like Yoga”, “It’s for dancers”, or “It’s all about your abs”. But the truth is, Pilates is a very precise strength training modality that corrects alignments, uses intentional breathing, aligns the spine, and builds flexibility. It doesn’t just focus on your abs, rather, it focuses on your entire core – the area of muscles between your shoulders and your pelvis. From an aesthetic perspective, people love Pilates because it strengthens and lengthens the muscles to produce long, lean, strong overall muscles that don’t create bulk. But from a functional perspective, it’s like a little insurance policy for your spine, it improves your digestive system, and improves overall body awareness for your little daily life tasks.

Here at Humbly Hemp, we think Pilates & Hemp are a match made in healthy heaven. Pilates enthusiasts and practitioners alike are espousing the benefits of hemp protein – but of course we’ve long been on the hemp band wagon! Hemp protein is a perfect pairing for a strong Pilates practice for several reasons. For starters, hemp protein is the plant kingdom’s best source of easily digestible high-quality protein, and its super high in fiber which helps the body eliminate toxins! If you like to incorporate a protein smoothie with your workouts, you’re in luck! Hemp protein contains a complete amino acid profile which increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis and helps prevent the loss of muscle. Not a smoothie enthusiast? Not a problem. Simply reach for a tasty Humbly Hemp bar, post-workout, and satiate your appetite.

So if you’re looking for a shift in your workout routine, and want to continue to get strong and healthy, simply jump on the Pilates Reformer, grab a Humbly Hemp bar, and watch the results speak for themselves.