Why You Should Be Using Public Transportation

Imagine that you are in bumper to bumper traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway. Not moving, you look around at the cars that are next to you. To your left, a woman is taking this break to reapply her make-up. On your right, a man is singing to the chihuahua sitting on his lap. At this point, you look in the mirror. “Why aren’t we moving?” You say out loud.

How familiar does this sound to you? Well, there is a solution to your traffic problems that is as simple as the two words, public transportation. Whether you take the bus or the metro line to get across the city, you can’t go wrong. Both of these options serve as an inexpensive alternative to driving a car; and sometimes depending on where you want to go, they are actually faster. Over the past few years, more and more Angelenos have been jumping at the chance to ride aboard the Metro system and so should you! For those of you who still love your car but are skeptical about taking the Metro, here are some reasons that you might like.

  1. Riding Metro Can Save You Money

Owning a car can be pretty expensive. Paying for gas, oil changes, and insurance, cars certainly run up quite the bill. Especially if you have a long commute. However, if you ride metro a few days out of the week, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars over the year! A one way ticket costs $1.75, which is cheaper than buying a gallon of gas. Thus, saving you money which would otherwise have been spent on your car.

       2.  It Is Better For The Environment 

Going hand in hand with the last point, the less you drive your car, the less carbon dioxide is released into the air. According to a report based on Los Angeles’ City Carbon Index from globalgreen.org, transportation (cars) create the most carbon dioxide with 24.8 million metric tons being created each year. Not to mention that,  “A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.” (EPA.org). By using the public transit more and our cars less, we are are taking a step in the right direction.

     3. Getting Active

When using the metro to get around, we are also are getting in some exercise. All the walking that we are doing to get to our metro connections counts as exercise, which is great for our bodies. Saving money and a gym membership?! The metro almost does it all. If it only had a Humbly Hemp vending machine...

      4. Being Productive

Unfortunately, self-driving cars will not be on the market for some time, which stinks. But until they are released, the metro is the next best thing. Unlike driving, on the metro you can take a nap, read a book, or even finish up work before you get to the office. Whereas when you are driving, the only thing you should be doing is driving. This way, even if you have an hour commute to work, on the metro that time will not be wasted.

     5. Be Humble

This is not a reason why you should take metro, instead it is a rule to follow when you ride it. If you are seated and see an elderly lady standing up, ask her if she would like to take your seat. It does not even have to be an elderly woman. Make someone’s day by asking if they would like your seat. Put kindness out in the world and hopefully when you are old, a young person offers up their seat to you. Although by then, we might be using in spaceships to get around.  


Now that you understand the Los Angeles Metro System, go out there and make us proud! Buy yourself a tap card, which are available at every metro station and start saving time and money today!

P.S Here's the map of Los Angeles' Metro Rail System.