Meditation To Ward Off Stress

Since moving to Los Angeles, there have been many times that the way of life out here has stressed me out. It comes from wondering if I can really afford a $15 caesar salad, sitting in traffic, and if I remembered my tote bags for the grocery store. On the other hand, these are some of the things that that make this place unique and if given the chance I would not change them. Along with 3.9 million people, I am out here living the dream every single day. Now I am not saying that living out here is a breeze, but when I get overwhelmed, there is one thing that I always turn to, meditation.  

For me, meditation is the only way to slow myself down and to be in the moment. What I mean by ‘being in the moment’ is that I am not thinking about anything. I am simply being. All the things I was once worrying about have melted away and the stresses of life cannot touch me during that time.

There are many ways to meditate, and no one way is correct. It is up to you to find out what works best. So the technique I am about to explain, is just one way how to meditate.

The first thing you should do before meditating is to turn your phone completely off and anything else that will beep or chime at you. Furthermore, try to go to an area that is relatively quiet. This is so important because distractions, like the phone, can bring you out of focus which in turn will make meditating less effective. It is time to meditate.

Take a seat on the ground or in a chair and close your eyes. At this point, focus on your breathing and nothing else. Slowly inhale for four seconds while saying to yourself, “In…” Hold the breath you just took in for about two seconds and then release it while saying to yourself, “Out…”

Repeat this process over and over again for as long as you want. Whether it is a minute or five minutes, it is completely up to you. As you may find, thoughts will try and pop into your head as you meditate. Do your best and fight to keep your focus solely on your breathing and not on the things coming up. Many times when we are stressed, we are thinking of a lot of things at once and they can snowball causing more anxiety. Therefore, when we meditate only allow yourself one thing to focus on, and be in the moment.

For those that are reading this, hopefully you are not overwhelmed about having to do this certain technique to meditate. Other ways that people meditate are by stretching or simple tasks such as painting, tending to your garden or even completing a puzzle. Also, you can download the app, ‘Headspace’ which not only walks you through meditation but helps you create a routine that you can stick to.

Hopefully at the end of your meditation, your body and mind feels recharged. Now you are ready to take on the day and get closer to achieving your goals!

If this helped you, please comment below and tell us your experience!