Staying Humble For 'The Great American Eclipse'

There is a huge event coming. An event so big that for some people in the U.S, the sun is going to be blotted out of the sky. The ‘Great American Eclipse’ and ‘The Totality’ are among the nicknames for the solar eclipse on August 21st. Not only will this be the first eclipse in 38 years that is visible to the entire United States, but 10 states will be in the direct path that will be able to see the moon completely block out the sun! Which is causing people from all over the country to flood into those states to make sure they have a view of history. As for the rest of us that are not making the journey to experience the totality, we will still be able to see the eclipse, so do not worry. Now with only four days till the solar eclipse, we put together a list to help you prepare for the totality!

  1. The Map and States Where Totality is Crossing Through

This map is the direct route of places where the totality can be seen. The line it is traveling on is 70 miles wide and crosses through parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and ending in South Carolina. I should also mention that the totality will start in Oregon around 9:05am PT and then finish in South Carolina around 3:00pm Eastern time. So if you still want to view the totality, check this map and hit the road to make sure you get a good spot August 21st.

 2.  Get Yourself Glasses

Although our Humbly Hemp bars will protect your eyes, you will not be able to see the eclipse through them. So keep them around for snacking. As for eye safety, viewing a solar eclipse with the naked eye is dangerous. You don’t want to damage your eyes because you wanted to see the eclipse. Instead, go and buy you and your friends solar glasses. Amazon along with many brick and mortar stores will have a wide selection of glasses that will work perfectly! You can also check out our store online at! We aren’t selling glasses, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to show us a little love? Can I get an amen?!

3. Enjoy the Experience

Part of our goal at Humbly Hemp is to keep things simple, so we advise you to view the solar eclipse with your phone in your pocket to fully enjoy the moment. Don’t bother stressing about whether or not you are going to get the perfect picture of the eclipse, because NASA and professional photographers are gonna be on it. With their hi-tech cameras and telescopes they will produce the type of picture that will put ours to shame. However, if you think a pic of the totality will boost your social media game, we respect your hustle.

4. When The Eclipse Will Hit LA

As a company in Los Angeles, we’ve got to show the hometown love. And we did so by finding the exact times when we will be able see the eclipse in all its glory. The eclipse begins around 8:46am and will continue until 2:04pm. Although during this time the eclipse will change, being partial at first and then around 10:30-11:30am depending on where you are, people can see the maximum eclipse. Hopefully this will give you enough preparation so you are not on the road, or caught off guard.

Unfortunately, we here at Humbly Hemp won’t be making a road trip out to one of the ten states that will be able to see the totality. So with the power of social media, we are planning to live vicariously through the ones that do go! Tag us in your pictures on your way to your campsite, hotel, or even country home. The best pictures will be featured on our instagram account for the world to see! Oh and one more thing for those camping out for the eclipse, be safe and be humble!