We Tried CBD Oil And Wrote Down Our Experience

Since I began working at Humbly Hemp a few months ago, I have integrated many hemp products into my day-to-day life. The sheets that I sleep on are 100% hemp woven. In my yogurt and peanut-butter jelly sandwiches, you will always find a generous helping of hemp hearts. Also, hemp lotion is pretty good stuff, especially in the dry heat of Los Angeles. Yet with all of these products, I realized that there is one product that has alluded me. That product being CBD Oil derived from hemp.

CBD oil has been receiving a lot of attention from news outlets as well as companies in the Hemp Industry. Not wanting to miss out, I wanted to figure out what all the hoopla was about. Early into my research I began to find that there was a lot of information about ‘what CBD oil can do’. Most of the information available was from companies that sold CBD oil, and many of their claims were similar to this one mentioned in High Times, “CBD is known to produce anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects when ingested by slowing everything down and calming the user.”(High Times Online). However, none of the articles I read give me an idea of how I would feel when using the CBD oil.

In an effort in try to convey the truth about what CBD oil is being marketed as, I wrote down everything going on through my mind as well as how I felt after taking a dose of CBD oil. My goal is to shed light on this product by sharing my experience, rather than a list of what it does . By writing my thoughts down, I hope others will get a better idea about how it affects a real person.

(My thoughts while on the CBD oil is in quotation marks)

“I just ingested the first dose of the water soluble CBD oil, I put 8 drops into an eight ounce glass of water, the amount that is recommended on the bottle. As of right now, one minute after ingesting, I do not feel anything.

Even though the water was cloudy, it did not have a taste, it was just cloudy water. Sitting here now, I think I am beginning to feel something.

It is a feeling around my head, and to describe it, I feel cloudy, but not storm clouds, but large puffy looking clouds; as in I am beginning to relax.

The look on my face is relaxed as well. The tension in my left knee from driving a manual car in stop and go traffic has also gone away.

5 minutes have passed

It feels as though my eyelids are falling, yet I am not tired whatsoever. Besides the thoughts I am writing down, there is nothing else that I am thinking. For example, my mind is not all over the place thinking about what I should be doing or how I think I should be feeling, or the responsibilities that I have to complete later on today.

10 Minutes have passed

 I have never eaten a leaf before, but at the time when I wrote this, I imagined the taste of the autumn air back in Rhode Island. (Picture for reference)*

I have never eaten a leaf before, but at the time when I wrote this, I imagined the taste of the autumn air back in Rhode Island. (Picture for reference)*

Ok, now I can taste something. It is the aftertaste of this hemp concentrate, and while it does not taste bad, it is still lingering. The taste is, I think this aftertaste would be similar to the taste after eating a crunchy leaf that has just fallen to the ground during the season of Autumn*  Also, I am feeling a bit parched, so I will have a sip of regular water.

My arms feel heavier, although I do not know if it is because of the CBD oil, or due to the fact that for the past two days were spent packing boxes and moving from Pasadena to the West Side of Los Angeles. Carrying boxes, and moving couches sure take their toll.

Part of me feels dull, as if nothing is bothering me. Usually I am annoyed at the fact our office is freezing cold, but right now, I could care less. Maybe If I was not at work I would be more relaxed, on the other hand, it is as good as it gets right now. Where else could I be doing this?

Again my head feels heavy, relaxed, and above all, calm. I find it hard to find new ways to describe how I am feeling since my focus is not on trying to figure this stuff out. It is as if I am fighting the hemp concentrate by trying to logically explain its effects on me while [the hemp concentrate] is saying, “Chill, just calm down and take a break.” Even as this goes on, I am still feeling great.


15 minutes have passed

I am beginning to feel more or less back to normal. The figurative block in my head is beginning to dissipate, letting me escape the fog I was just in. I use the word ‘fog’ not in a bad way, merely just saying what it is. The past few minutes seemed to have flown by with me only having this writing I am doing as the only evidence that any of this took place. I do not feel different, rather the hemp concentrate put me on another track of mind. Now, i am returning to my scheduled train of thought to finish out the rest of the day of work, including this blog post.

20-30 minutes have passed

Now, I am beginning to feel as though the hemp concentrate has run its course. Right now I have less energy than when I started this experience. Maybe when you take this product, it should not be in the morning during your day of work when you have the most energy. The only reason I did it was to educate all of you people that do not know about hemp concentrate as well as the ones who are interested in the effects it has. By me sharing my experience, I am in no way saying that you will experience what I have just experienced. In fact,  I should be upfront in saying that I have made no official claims about this product. Only thing that I have done was shared my experience and my opinions of what was happening as it happened. Because this product nor I have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, please take everything I have said with a grain of salt. No I am not a doctor, although at times I am jealous of their white lab coats.

Therefore as I wrap up explaining my experience, I would say that I noticed a change after I took the hemp concentrate. Now that you have the insight of someone testing hemp concentrate, I hope that audience reading this today is not scared of the product. Personally, I have learned something about this concentrate which is, the next time I will try it, I will be in a more relaxed environment not to mention taking it closer to bedtime.

So there you go! Go ahead and try this CBD oil, but remember, with anything you put into your body, research it first.”

After going back and reading the words I wrote while the CBD oil was running its course, I can see that I was just letting my mind wander off wherever it wanted to go. Later that day after taking the CBD oil, I was a bit more tired than usual. However, other than that nothing felt out of the ordinary.

Would I ever try CBD oil again? It would depend on the situation. For example, I would be more apt to take it at the end of the day when I nothing else to do but relax. Having said that, I am happy I had the chance to try the product out. After trying the product out, I understand why there is a craze around the CBD oil.


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