Humble Idea For Lunch

As students begin getting ready to go back to school, we here at Humbly Hemp want to help everyone start off on the right foot. While we cannot drive you to school or complete your homework, we can help with something a little more important. Helping you pack the best lunch. Believe it or not, lunch has the power to dictate how the rest of the day goes. Having a meal that includes protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber are crucial to make the most of the afternoon.

A turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, combines both protein and complex carbohydrates making a heart healthy meal that will keep you full for hours. The whole wheat bread, a complex carbohydrate, is slowly digested by the body meaning it fills you up for longer. Not to mention whole wheat bread also has a good amount of fiber. As for the turkey, it is a great source of protein. For those that do not know, our bodies love protein. It is used to rebuild muscles, maintain our bodies and is rich in amino acids. Therefore the turkey sandwich is a solid choice for lunch. But there is still more to add to make lunch time even better.

The next item in your humble lunch should definitely be fruit. But don’t take it from me, “Fresh fruit makes for a perfect lunchtime dessert that won’t cause your energy to crash in the late afternoon, unlike other sugary option.” (Olivia Putnal, 2011). Along with the natural sugar in fruit that gives it a great taste, it also contains fiber. Fiber that can keep you regular as well as keeping your cholesterol under control. So go ahead and bring along some blueberries and strawberries to sweeten up your lunch.

If you are thinking that a sandwich and fruit will not fill you up, there is one more thing you can add. A Humbly Hemp bar of course! Whether it is Berry Vanilla, Cinnamon Date or Cocoa+Sea Salt, you can't go wrong. Although it might be challenging to decide which one to bring.

With this basic knowledge of creating a nutritious lunch, we hope that everyone has a great year of school! And if you think you make the best lunch, take a picture and tag us on Instagram.