Hemp Powered Superfood Snacks

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We're tired of the stuff in our products - the GMO’s excess sugars, and ingredients we could never seem to pronounce. Humbly Hemp products are made with some of the highest-quality earth grown ingredients from the most environmentally friendly protein-rich resources on the planet.



Cinnamon Date

Opposites attract! With our cinnamon + date bar, two unlikely friends, turn out to be a match made in Humbly Heaven.


Berry Vanilla

The power of cranberry and blueberry come together with a hint of vanilla to pack an antioxidant punch.


Cocoa & Sea Salt

Loco for Cocoa? You’ll go crazy for our Cocoa Sea Salt Bar – A classic indulgence that is all pleasure, no guilt.

bigstock-Chopped-Chocolate-With-Cocoa--159491201 (Priime Ethereal).jpeg


Our bars are loaded with plant-based protein, Omega 3’s and yummy, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients. All of our delicious natural products are produced and/or packaged for you in our own dedicated facility that is free of the most common food allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, sesame, shellfish, fish and mustard), gluten, preservatives, colors, artificial flavors and genetically modified ingredients. So if you were thinking to yourself "Why another bar?" Instead, ask yourself, "Why not the best bar?" 

We're finally taking a stand for our bodies, for our health, and for those we love. Click to learn more about our ingredients and quality.

We want to revolutionize snacks.

Our mission is to build the best snack bar out there, and we mean business.

A snack, by definition, is a light meal or food eaten between meals, and in today's busy culture, the truth is, snacks are what we often depend on to get us through our days! We live in a world where micro meals are king, and real food ingredients take a back seat. For that reason, settling for mediocre, sugary, non-transparent ingredients just isn't an option anymore. We're taking a stand for our bodies, for our health, and for those we love. We decided it was time to revolutionize snacks, starting with the snack bar. Grocery aisles are full of protein bars, meal replacement bars, granola bars, energy bars, superfood bars, and bars that claim to be backed with nutrition.


You want to snack? Grab a snack! A real snack. A simple, delicious, sustainable snack. A HUMBLY HEMP SNACK.


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